Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY’s privacy policy outlines how use the personal data you leave behind when you visit our website.

In general, you should be aware that as an internet user you leave electronic traces, and this makes it possible for others to track your Internet traffic.

Collection of data from visits to website. have ongoing access to statistical data about visitors to its website. It is not possible to identify individuals based on these data.

When you visit website, the following information is collected about you:

  • Which pages you see and when – your “electronic trail”
  • the browser you are using,
  • your IP address, and …
  • Your username if you have one.

When you surf the Internet, you leave an “electronic trail” that reveals where you’ve been. This track is generated by your browser sends the information to a server, for example, “I want to see the page that corresponds to the address / / http: //

Most browsers provide information about their brand and version number, for example. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0. The server can then return to the page you have requested to appear correctly in your browser.

When your browser requests, also sends additional data to the server, including your IP address (your “address” on the Internet). The server then knows where to send the page you requested.

Depending on the operating system and browser you are using, the browser sends often your username to the server – the user name that you use when you log on to your machine.

Purpose of Collection can use the aforementioned data to see what path you take to find information on can see if you start at the front and move on to the underlying pages, or if you jump into the middle of the home page from a search engine, for example.

This information is used only for performing operations, and the production of statistics that can be used to improve the structure of website.