A concert given by TangoCatz! can be compared with a river, that takes the audience through a landscape of feelings and moods,  universal to every human being.  In the fascinating universe of the tango, sadness, sorrow, nostalgia, melancholy and wildness are described. The ensemble has an interesting instrumentation and a far-reaching repertoire. TangoCatz! plays concerts in churches, concert halls, music scenes, and private celebrations; in short, on every occasion and often in collaboration with singers and dancers in Denmark and on the international scene.


tango-dansTango is a way of living; to express feelings, and by that means understanding our passions, also according to the world we live in. The tango can be expressed in every kind of art, and unites those who are involved in a common aesthetics. When musicians strike up for dancing an exceptional energy and concentration arise, where the dancers and the musicians in together tells a story.

TangoCatz! strikes up for a milonga

Concert for children

A tango-fairytale, in words and music, an exciting tale about the two little tango-cats  Milonga and Carlos.

The starting point is the colourful and fascinating Argentine tango music, and the children can look forward listening to the tale about the little naughty and curious kittens,  that seek wild adventures all on their own. Listen how they end up on board a big foreign ship, where the most beautiful music is played,- and find out if they ever come home again, because what do you do, when the ship suddenly sets in motion and is on its way far off, right across to the other side of the globe, to the land of tango: Argentina. Experience all that and much more in company with TangoCatz!

Music and lecture

Theologian and lecturer Anders Carlsson speaks on either the Argentine-born artist, Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen or, the in Spain-living Danish artist, Arne Haugen Sørensen and shows in this connection, beautiful and characteristic examples of their artistic works. The lecture is combined with a concert played by TangoCatz!.