Anne Vilain

Anne Vilain


About me

Anne Vilain was  born in Odense in 1963. From her early years,  music was essential and had a great impact on her.  After college: studies at The Funen Academy of Music  from 1984-1991. Educated by the Danish cellists Morten Zeuthen and Niels Ullner. Graduated in 1991 cello diploma, and took a degree as cello teacher 1995.


Artistic activities

  • Assistent in Odense Symphony-orchestra1988-1992
  • Establishment of Trio Odino,  classical chamber music 1989
  • Concerts in churches, musical societies with  Trio Odino. Performing in TV and radio 1989
  • Teacher at Svendborg Music School1993-
  • Publication of the CD ”Music for flute, guitar and cello” Trio Odino 1994
  • Concert tour in Latvia Trio Odino autumn 1994 and ”Music and Youth”  a national tour Trio Odino 1996
  • Publication of the CD ”Shapes and Shades”  Trio Odino summer 1996. In this connection a close cooperation with several Danish composers, who have dedicated their works to Trio Odino.
  • Concerts and visits  Trio Odino in Stralsund Germany 1996
  • Musician in a cultural project for children ” Eventyrbussen”” Odense 1996
  • Publication of the CD ”Say Yes” Tove Ditlevsen/Anne Barfoed 1997
  • Musician and composer in the ” Blå salme- ensemble”  Brorson og Kingo in Scandinavia  1998-2000
  • Artistic member of ”3.SATS til venstre ” –  performance ensemble 1998
  • Conductorship and musician  in “IN ANATOMIA” a production of ” 3.SATS – til venstre” 1999
  • Composer and performer in ”MEMORY- et huskespil”. A production of ” 3.SATS til venstre” 2002
  • Musician in Svendborg City-ensemble 2005- 2007
  • Musician in TangoCatz!  City-ensemble 2010-13
  • Establishment and concerts.  Quartet of  Maria Lantz, soprano, Kristine Eiler Ernst, mezzosoprano and Povl Chr. Balslev, organist 2012-
  • Musician in TangoCatz! 2013 numerous concerts and milongas at Houses of Culture, and similar musical scenes. Concert tour to Istanbul, Turkey, concerts for children.
  • Composer and performer at ”Se min kjole” an artistic installation by Kirsten Graver 2013